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A week of awards for the Fayat Group

This week, 3 prizes were awarded to the subsidiaries Viry and Mathieu and to the Fayat Building Division.
les ailes de cristal

Les ailes de Cristal

Located in the Lorraine region, Les Ailes de Cristal is an unmissable event for the business world. It rewards nine business players in the region who have gained national or international media acclaim. Organised by the newspapers Le Républicain Lorrain, l'Est Républicain and Vosges Matin, the Ailes de Cristal trophies are awarded to the nuggets of Lorraine's economic activity.

This year, Fayat featured among the winners! Viry Fayat Metal was awarded a trophy for its innovation values and ‘model of French excellence’ and Mathieu Fayat Group was honoured for its performance, with a special mention for its safety commitments.

equerre d'argent

Equerre d’argent

The Équerre d'Argent prize was initiated in 1960 and awarded up to 1974, then revived nine years later in 1983 by the building & public works and magazine Le Moniteur. It was renamed the Équerre d'Argent d’Architecture du Moniteur, in association with AMC Le Moniteur Architecture magazine.
This year the Group was honoured to receive two prizes:
- Equerre d’Argent 2019 - Special Jury Prize for the Simonne-Mathieu Court at Roland Garros - Viry Fayat Metal
- Equerre d’Argent 2019 - ‘Bridge’ category for the Saint Omer footbridge - ACML

Congratulations again to all Fayat collaborators and bravo to our communication teams at Fayat Bâtiment, winners in 3 categories at the Communication Trophies 2019 : - Website (3rd), - Internal communication (4th) - Special jury prize for the quality of its global communication (3rd). 


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