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Clean City from Semeru

Clean City is an urban cleanliness solution to detect and collect litter. Semeru, a subsidiary of the Fayat Energy Services Division, has developed this innovation in conjunction with Mathieu street sweepers in the Fayat Road Equipment Division.

City Cleanliness

Clean City is a tool for monitoring the cleanliness of cities in "real time", identifying problems such as fly tipping, overflowing litter bins or waste on the public highway. Citizens have a direct role to play in resolving this. By using their smartphone, they can send photos of litter in real time to a cloud service, which are then processed by an operator and reported to Mathieu's sweepers (from the Road Equipment Division ), who will handle the incident promptly.

This innovation revolves around several areas of optimisation:

  • Cleaning resource performance monitoring.
  • Identification of antisocial behaviour and notification to the relevant authorities to take action.
  • Improvement of the city's image.
  • A hypervisor solution gathers information from several data sources and was developed by Semeru and its partners. Recognition and measurement of waste quantities
  • IOT sensor to detect when waste containers and bins are full.
  • The provision to city officials and citizens of mobile application to report problems.
  • Mathieu sweepers, from the Road Equipment Division, will be equipped with these sensors.

This innovative solution was developed in conjunction with our Mathieu subsidiary and was nominated for and named the winner in the Fayat Innovation Challenge #2, in the Marketing & Services category.

Clean City en vidéo